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Increase your cash flow by choosing Ancora Infotech!!

Ancora Infotech is an innovative Medical billing company in India which provides complete medical billing solutions for your practice's specific needs across USA & Canada. The efficient medical billing company will follow-up with claims on a regular basis, answer patient billing inquiries and reduce the amount of claims that are denied by submitting correct claim information. Ancora Infotech can actually increase your revenue for the medical practice.

In addition, Ancora Infotech offers 99.99% of accuracy, cost-effective data entry services such as e-book conversion, Pagination, Caputure data from images, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), PDF conversion, Forms, Receipts & Invoice processing. Our services are not restricted anywhere.

The three major benefits are 24/7 Global support & services, 12 hours turn around time with high quality work and 100% HIPPA complaint. Improve your collections by 45% or more without extra effort!

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  • 24/7 Global Support & Services
  • 100% HIPPA compliant
  • 12 hours Turn Around Time
  • Certified Coding Professionals
  • Data Integrity & Dedicated Team
  • 99.99% Accuracy