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Data Processing

We have around 9 years of experience in Data Conversion. We can handle Data Entry, Data Conversion, OCR cleanup, e-books, Image type of works, etc.

PDF Conversion - We process all PDF related works as per the client specifications with bookmarks, black & white and color images. Cover page can be scanned with high resolution and edited using image techniques to show our profession on image type of works. 

OCR Cleanup - We convert your papers to an electronic disk. Our OCR cleanup process helps you to get rid of your papers. Type of paper doesn't matter, we can even convert 100 years of old newspapers, books, etc. We use various applications to extract the text and do spellcheck / proof-read to delivery high-level accuracy.

Image Editing - We are specialized in scanning and editing the images from the books / hardcopies. The images are scanned & editing at high resolution without increasing the file size and with readable caption.

Forms Processing - We extract data from pre-printed forms, manually filled in forms and Medical Insurance forms. The data is then converted to the required output formats. We help you to store large volumes of data securely. We understand the importance of data we handle, so various techniques are applied to deliver data at highest accuracy.

Receipts Processing - We feed customer's information & their receipts in client's software. This helps the end customer to view their payments online from anywhere. Customer Name, Contact Details, Receipt#, Mode of Payment, Amount, etc are the fields captured from the receipts.

Online/Offline Data Entry - Nowadays everyone wants to get rid of papers and wants to tranfer them on disk that too on the web for easy access. We get tiff images from our clients which in turn is directly keyed into their online system. Based on the requirements the content can be delivered in .xls, .doc, .txt, .csv...etc formats.

Pagination - Pagination refers to aligning of pages to exactly match the book/source file. Applications like Adobe Pagemaker, Quark Express are used to align the pages. There are different processes involved in Pagination which includes Scanning, OCR conversion, Proof-Read, Data Entry, Page Numbering and Alignment.



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